The Best Way to Treat Your Feet

They are important people in our body, but we have so little respect for them.  We are very easy to take for granted. They were there and suffered a number of problems, from the fact that they were stuck on high heels to lift them to unnatural heights, to strangle the sweating of socks or narrow pantyhose from nylon.

In the face of these insults our feet require hundreds of tons of strength to walk in the middle day. This shock explains why the foot is the most likely part of the body to be injured.

You do not need expensive spa treatments to take care of your feet. It takes only a few minutes a day to walk and choose the right shoes to avoid problems that can lead to pain or even disability. These ideas can help your feet feel good:

  1. Rinse your feet (and between your toes) gently and often with a towel. Yes, it means that he bends down and erases them in the shower. If you can not safely balance, use a long shower handle or sit on a chair outside the tub when you wash your feet under the tap. Make sure that your feet are completely dry, including between your fingers. This cleaning and drying system can reduce the foot, odor, bacteria and fungus of the athlete.
  2. Your legs should not be injured. Strong boots can make a cock worse by distorting the shape of the toes and causing leg pain to grow. If you wear high heels, choose wide, stable and high-heeled shoes that do not exceed two inches. The box with fingers should be wide, people with an acute angle should not start their narrow form until the ball passes through the foot. To protect your Achilles tendon from shortening, we recommend regularly lifting the height of the heel.
  3. If you like to soak up your legs and forget about Epsom salts, they are too dry to provide any medical benefits. Instead, simply use warm (never hot) water and a small liquid soap, such as a dishwashing liquid that contains a skin softener.
  4. Wash your feet after cleaning. In the dry months of dry skin, you may need to moisturize several times a day. There is no particular need: the main lotions and creams are good.
  5. Be careful when performing pedicures in the cabin, where cleaning of the bathtub and equipment is important. If you have diabetes, talk with your doctor before taking a pedicure.
  6. Replace the shoes that you wear every day. This may mean that you have two pairs of your favorite daily styles, but shoes need time to get rid of, to avoid the appearance of odor or infection of the legs. Replace socks or socks more than once a day. If you have problems with your foot, soak them in a mixture of vinegar and water.
  7. Flip flops and full flats do not provide arc support. Walking barefoot also does not work. Women are particularly prone to developing flat feet, which can lead to other foot problems. To keep your legs strong, minimize the time spent on wearing shoes that does not have arch support.
  8. Pregnancy, aging and diabetes can affect your legs. Pregnant women need a wide heel, arch support and good depreciation. Increasing the weight of your pregnancy can lead to a change in the size of the shoe, so measure your legs. Older women lose some of their soft fat on their feet, prefer to create more shockproof shoes. Diabetics can have serious conditions associated with the legs and lower legs. Check your feet daily for any problems and check at least once a year with an orthopedist.

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